Project MXercury-Lindberg 50SE/160VA:

At this point I can’t comment on the functionality/performance of the NobSound™ MX50 SE kit, but I wanted to make sure to post a few pictures that are better and more up to date (w/ parts in the kit) than the sale images on most sites. I am waiting on my Avel Lindberg Y236503 160VA Toroidal transformer + Stereo Rectifier PSU Board. These are all parts that are fairly inexpensive, though at the cost of increased difficulty. You will see on Amazon that many failed to build the amp as far as I have shown below, but until I get the rest of the parts I can’t test what I have so far. I will be including a full video build of one of the mono 100W power amplifiers in the bottom two pics below.

Avel Lindberg Y236503 160VA Pic

(Anvel Lindberg Y236503 160VA (22V-0V-22V (DC)))

I can point out that a few parts changed, mainly the 104 uF capacitors are now orange drop’ish looking mylar (guessing here) vs. the shown two grey boxes like the pictures shown in the sale ad on Amazon. Other than this, every part/component/hookup is in the box to populate these two mono 100W boards. The quality of the PCB is A+ and is very heat resistant compared to cheaper PCBs without the glass insulation seen here. Some of the bigger components prefer a flat tip @ 400-500C for easy flow with the solder, especially the heat sinks included. *Note: There is an additional heat sink required on the two largest power transistors that is not shown below, nor is it included with the kit. This is the only real “part” missing from this kit for the two boards. It is also very important that you do not get these backwards. The D1047 is the NPN transistor (datasheet) while the B817 (nearly identical part datasheet) is the PNP transistor and if you put these backwards you can blow a resistor or two (or worse, like a fire).

MX50 SE 100W Power Amp 95Percent Done

Will report back once I can test everything fully. Also one other thing to point out, is my build in those pics is missing two other parts besides mentioned earlier, the diodes near the power transistors (4007 is the number).



(Notice the 4 missing connections towards the middle of the 3rd from the bottom row of connections)





2 thoughts on “100W Power Amplifier x2 Design (Mono-block style) + Toroidal Transformer

    • Unfortunately, I haven’t got back around to finish this amplifier. My other projects took priority, such as the Sansui AU-517 restoration and multiple reviews for companies. This project didn’t get very much interest when I posted it, so I put it aside for the time being. It is a great value for making a DIY amp and I do plan to come back to it.

      What are you looking for advice/ideas on? If I know your question/s, I can see if I can help.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on the article!
      Keith H.

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