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Thanks Extech!

I had a great conversation the other day with an Extech product tech specialist and by the end of the conversation he found the part I was looking for, then offered to send it my way for nothing! This was after he and one other employee searched the “vintage” parts warehouse! I was shocked and because the¬†LCR Extech 380193 passive meters are older and the data acquisition cable is a serial RS 232-C cable, they didn’t even sell them (never sold them as a replacement part actually!). So he knew this was the only way I could get what I needed and be able to log my readings into Excel from the meter on my PC. He included a note, meant a lot to me. Sometimes the little things help us through the hard ones.

After this semester, I only have about 35 hours total left, with 14 hours of fundamental Electrical Engineering courses left.


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Electrical Engineering student (Jr year) with a background in IT. Such as dealing with large scale network infrastructure upgrades at Lowe's HQ and former lead hardware tech for the NC Government.

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