Orange Amplification
Really excited to have Orange Amplification reach out to me for reviewing their latest ~$60 discrete op-amps! I was honored by receiving that email and they contacted me through this website!

I will be doing a head-to-head comparison of Orange Amp. against Burson Audio V5-OPA & V5i series through Audeze EL-8 open-back planar magnetic headphones and a home theater system utilizing Wharfedale Diamond 220’s (Front L/R) + Def. Tech C/L/R 2002 (center) + Polk Monitor30s (rears) through a Yamaha RX-V863.

The upcoming reviews will be utilizing a Diligent Analog Discovery2 for measuring THD, SNR, Freq Resp, etc. so it’s going to be much more quantitative than my previous reviews.

Until this happens I will be working on my review of the Cable+ RCA-to-RCA for Burson Audio and also their full OPA line-up in my ZXR!

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Orange Amplification!

    • I had to put the Orange Amplification and Sparkos Labs discrete comparison on hold while I completed a review of the Burson Play DAC/Amp combo. This review will be released shortly (next few days) around 5k words with technical captures from oscilloscope and measurements with RightMark though a Creative ZXr. The methods I iron out in this review will be the benchmark I go by in the reviews currently on hold (that includes the Orange Amplification review). Once I publish the Burson Play review I will begin on the meat of the discrete op-amp review (part 2). Thanks for reading!


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