Just received the RCA-to-RCA Cable+ from Burson Audio!! I was so excited to hook it up, and without saying too much too early, I am impressed. I am comparing their cable directly to Canare L-4E6S (Star Quad) & Mogami 2534 (Quad) (all w/ Neutrik Rean connections) to Burson’s Cable+ technology.

Initial impressions are extremely good and will be interested to see what type of data I can collect using all of my new lab tools like the Digilent Analog Discovery2.

Input impedance: 250 KOhms 1 x Cable+ AUX to RCA / AUX to AUX /RCA to RCA
Frequency response: ± 1 dB 0 – 55Khz 1 x USB Power Cable
THD: 8K Ohm
Output impedance 3 Ohm General
Signal to Noise Ratio >118dB at 6dB gain Weight: app. 200 (net)
Power Dissipation 5W (1VA USB Power) Cable Length: Appx 120cm / 47.2in

Link to product page:

I also got the remaining V5-Series op amps from Burson Audio, allowing me to do direct comparisons from a full V5-OPA setup to a full V5i setup (or mixed).

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