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Preview of Op-Amp Reviews (Burson V5 Series) w/ Oscilloscope Side by Sides

This is just a quick shot of 4 different op-amp setups in my E12 DIY with a FiiO X5k as DAC. Using 2x AD797, 1x AD8620, 1x Burson V5i and OPA1611 op-amps in the E12. While capturing all the signals live with my Hitachi V-1065 (100Mhz) oscilloscope. The song is by Eric Lindell (all rights reserved) titled “Lullaby For Mercy Ann” in 16bit 44.2kHz FLAC. Link to album below:…

The audio is not what is important, but it is to ensure you are seeing it in sync. However, the quality is terrible by a camera recording headphones. This is not meant to be a music video in the slightest. This video is meant to be an update to show people what I am up to and to let everyone know my Audeze EL-8 open-backs just arrived! Now the real testing begins! Pause this video frequently and analyze the differences in the signals. I found it interesting when trying to quantify what I am hearing and describing in words vs. what I am seeing on the display of the stereo signal.

This video is meant for scientific/educational purposes and to let people know their 1970-1980 oscilloscopes can still play a role in analyzing hardware in 2016. Stay tuned for my review and more projects are in the works as I speak!



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Electrical Engineering student (Jr year) with a background in IT. Such as dealing with large scale network infrastructure upgrades at Lowe's HQ and former lead hardware tech for the NC Government.

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